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Kabeh Jati Garden Villa

Kabeh Jati Garden Villas is located in Banjar Semaya, Suana Village, Nusa Penida Island, situated in private area of tropical island environment. The villas can accessed in 30 minutes drive from Nusa Penida Port by car or motorcycle or 12 kilometers away. Kabeh Jati Garden Villas is more than just an exclusive villas, it is a unique villas with all amenities.

Kabeh Jati Garden Villas is luxury private villas to stay while enjoying the beauty of Nusa Penida Island. Its strategic location give wide offers to visit nearby destinations such as Suana Point, Malibu Sunrise Point, Atuh Beach, Suwehan Beach. In additon, western point like Crystal Bay, Pasih Huug or Broken Bay, Angle’s Billabong could be reached in 45 minutes. We also provide special maginificence which not found elsewhere.

Meaningful name of Kabeh Jati Garden Villas

Kabeh Jati Garden Villas means villas in teak tree garden. The name of Kabeh Jati Garden Villas derive from word ‘kabeh’ refers to name of the owners’ anchestor, Jati means teak tree which grow up around and ‘kebun’ means garden. The naming of Kabeh is tucked as honor to respectful achestor who had bequeathed the garden site.

Concept and Architecture

The main building consist of 8 unit of villas and spacious restaurant. Kabeh Jati Garden Villas was designed in a unique concept in form of teak woodfile. All of building material derived from seelcted teak which arranged to be exotic building. If seen away, this building complex looks like stack of wood, no one know those are villas.

Downside of villas, guests can see the artistic and survival way of the islanders to keep water in traditional well locally called ‘cubang’. Previously, cubang used to harvest rainwater and will be stock during dry season for daily needs and cattle. Interestingly, upside part of well formed like hump of tree. There are 8 cubang which known as Kabeh Jati Water and used for water reservoir.

The Philosophy of Kabeh Jati Garden Villas

Kabeh Jati Garden Villas can be such of storefront of art which showing up the circle life of teak wood. This wood is so strong, its fiber draws beuties and during its life give freshness to the nature. It can be deep reflection that our life should be as it is, must be strong, peace and be source of life for others.

The Magnificent of Overnight in Kabeh Jati Garden Villas

Situated above the village center settlement make us can observed row of villagers home residents with local architectures. About 300 meters down to coastaline, visitors can clearly see how the seaweed farmers work in their farming. Far in a shadow, Lombok Island in front create blue backdrop compile with Mount Rinjani bordered by Lombok Strait. Moung Agung and East Bali higlands also looks captivating and challenging in the distance.

Bright morning will be perfect stunning view in Kabeh Jati Garden Villas where sun rises on slope of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, in certain period the sun exactly arise on peak of Rinjani Mountain, it is so amazing. Gigantic cliff of Bangko- bangko Hill make us feel so close to Lombok Island, only bordered by narrow strait. The warble of birds around the villas seem to be nature’s alarm to welcome new beautiful day. In cooperate with local, Kabeh Jati Garden Villas maintain dan protect the environment in balance and harmony. No one allowed to catch or hunting for birds. Sometimes, group of monkeys come close to find food around the tree which deliberately planted behind the villas. All things, modernity and nature life side by side in harmony.

These are some benefits to spend the night in Kabeh Jati Garden Villas:

  • Staying in Kabeh Jati Garden Villas is so impress. The uniqueness of building and architecture create excelent touch. Villas completed with AC, water heater, shower make it looks perfect inside and free wi-fi service. It is incredible where the water 8 reservoirs designed in high taste of art frontline.
  • Kabeh Jati Garden Villas offers exact spot to see sunrise on slope of Mount Rinjani or even on its peak.
  • North side of villas, the great of Mount Agung covered by cloud sometimes seen clearly, looks majestic. The sea front of villas decorated by fishermen activities with their traditional sail boats.
  • The cluster of local homes under the villas make visitors feeling living in local island compound. Visitor will part of villagers, sense the social life altogether.
  • See the coastaline where sea farmers activities will be daily routines, exciting to see on how they plant, care or harvest the seaweed. Almost along the beach, we could find seaweed farming.
  • The harmony concept adopted by Kabeh Jati Garden Villas, in hence the environment around still preserved well. The warble of birds, like sooty- headed Bulbul, turtledove, and others singing make natural entertainment, really peace and comport.
  • Traditional rice terrace but different than you see in Bali mainland. These rice terracae called ‘abangan’ or ‘bataran’. The local have special technique to trap the soil into nooks when the water washed down hill slope. Shaped stones intricate walls formed to the next and the land can be planted. It is nature permaculture and been known for centeries ago to make them survive in agriculture.
  • The existence of teak forest behind the villas strongly emphasize Kabeh jati Garden Villas really a luxury private villas in natuer garden.

Traditional Windmill in Kabeh Jati Garden Villas

Imagine being warmly welcomed at Kabeh Jati Garden Villas on the most popular and beautiful island in Bali, just 30 minutes drives, exactly in Semaya Village, 12 kilometers eastward from local island port. It is close to sacred temples, namely Giri Putri Cave Temple, Batu Medawu and Batu Mas Kuning Temple, only less than 700 meters away. Be embraced by unique architectures blended with lush tropical teak trees gardens. Standing 100 meters above sea level give open scenery toward the ocean.

Among tropical gardens, this villas recognizable with sign board and also its unique and specific architecture just beside the street. The building design seems like wood filling ease with the sophistication of modern facilities, be pampered by warm services from the heart and exclusive. Featuring 4x6 meter room with single or double bed and traditional wooden furnishings floor, the refined rooms, villas provide free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. All have terraces or balconies, bathroom, wastafel, water heater, individually controlled air-conditioning, hot and cold shower.

The most specific feature is traditional windmill made of wood and bamboo. It existence to preserve the local culture in which few years ago the sound of windmill used as indicator about the weather of the wind direction. Locally, this windmill know as ‘pinekan’.

Kabeh Jati Garden Villas is elegant concept combination of units villas featuring lush tropical garden, preserved nature around and high touch architecture. This luxury villa is prefect combination of showing up natural wonder, local tradition and quality art architecture design. Kabeh Jati Garden Villas surrounded by the exotic ambience of this tropical island paradise and a simply great getaway.

  • Abangan, Unique Rice Terrace Made of Stone Chunk
  • Get in Touch to Seaweed Farmers
  • Unique Well with Tree Shaped
  • Particular Plantation Around Kabeh Jati Garden Villas